CW Blackout
CW Blackout :
Features: Custom Printed Helmet, 1 Clone
Blaster and Custom decals.

Item CW501
$31.00 each
CW P1 Commander Steel:
Features: Custom  Helmet, 1 Clone
blaster and Custom decals.

Item CW502
$32.00 each
ARF Commander Trauma
CW ARF Commander Trauma:
Features: Custom Printed ARF Helmet,
1 Clone pistol, Custom decals and kama &

Item CW503
$34.00 each
Clone Wars
Page 5
CW Flame Trooper:
Features: Custom Printed Helmet,
1 Flame Rifle, Custom decals and Kama.

Item CW504
$34.00 each
Flame Trooper
CW Commander Jet - Dk Orange:
Features: Custom Printed Sonic Helmet,
1 Blaster, Custom decals and Kama &

Item CW505
$34.00 each
Commander Jet - DK Orange
Commander Monnk
CW Commander Monnk:
Features: Custom Printed Scuba Helmet,
Breathing pack, 1 aquatic Blaster,
Custom decals
and flippers.

Item CW506
$38.00 each
P1 Commander Steel